Manufacturing Capability

Balcombe Engineering have invested heavily in up-to-date CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines to enable us to quickly machine flanges to custom requirements, while maintaining the finishes and tolerances demanded by the flange industry. Quality is paramount to all aspects of Balcombe's Hallam (Melbourne) manufacturing facility. The management system is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and all aspects of the flange manufacturing process are controlled and monitored under this accreditation.

Facing a large fabrication

Components and flanges made locally are often paired with flanges or parts from the other side of the globe. Instrument calibration is the tool that guarantees that flanges from disparate sources fit everytime. A comprehensive instrument calibration system used at Balcombe tracks and maintains the accuracy of all measuring instruments. This includes items such as vernier callipers, micrometers, rulers and thread gauges.

Most importantly, we ensure that the staff that operate these machines and check conformance are fully trained and familiar with, not only the machines they work on and the instrumentation they use, but the range of flanges, boiler components and pressure devices we manufacture.

Capable machines, calibrated measuring equipment, competent experienced staff and a fully accredited ISO 9001 management system are the key components to Balcombe's reputation as a premium specialist flange manufacturer.

Milling Machines

Milling a self reinforced weld neck

These machines mill, drill and tap. Using the latest cutting technology powered with motors of around 50kw, we can drill holes 100mm through a piece of stainless material 300mm thick. Large threaded holes can be formed by thread milling. Milling is often required to achieve special shapes, mill grooves and prepare flat faces.

Balcombe Engineering can mill up to a volume of 3 metres long x 2.5 metres wide by 1 metre high.

Some of the milling machines have a CNC indexed, rotating "A" axis so fully automated drilling of holes around a cylinder can be accurately placed. Using a CNC controller this operation can place thousands of holes in exactly repeatable positions with a minimum of operator intervention.

Not every project requires large componentry and by keeping a range of CNC machines Balcombe, will always have a machine suited for the job.


CNC Vertical Lathe

The range of pressure components that Balcombe Engineering machines varies from bolts to meet specific requirements up to blinds over 2 metres. For the small work we use high speed CNC horizontal lathes. Large heavy flanges are suited to the powerful large CNC vertical lathes. Balcombe Engineering have a range of these CNC lathes that will handle rings over 2 metres and up to 6 tons.

The use of CNC lathes means the exact profiles required for many specialised components can be achieved. Therefore, every one produced will be exactly the same dimensions and profile.


Most of these lathes and mills have their own material handling crane.  In addition, the entire Hallam manufacturing facility is serviced by a 10 ton overhead crane that is also able to lift directly off semi trailers. This modern crane has pendant electronics and is able to produce a wide range of speeds for precision handling of large items.

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