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Serving industry with flanges & valves for over 50 years

Balcombe Engineering Pty Ltd has been the leading Australian specialist manufacturer in the flange industry for over 50 years servicing a diverse range of customers for flanges, spectacle blinds and tubeplates / tubesheets, in the Petrochemical, General Industrial, and Food industries. The Melbourne facility is located in Hallam and houses Australias largest range of flanges and valves as well as a comprehensive in house manufacturing facility. Large stocks, and inhouse manufacturing, enables Balcombe to provide any required flange, spectacle blind, or valve in a few hours if its in stock and between next day and 2 weeks if it has to be custom manufactured.

The company operates out of a purpose built complex of over 6000sqm. This Melbourne complex is located in Hallam 1 minute from the intersection of the Princess Hwy and the South Gippsland Hwy providing rapid access to the freeway system that cuts through Melbourne linking the major Highways, the Port and the Airport. Such ease of access helps make freight carrier service fast and efficient. Our generous loading bays and forklift facilities make loading transports a fast, safe and painless task.

Experience & Service

Our experienced sales staff have mostly been in the flange industry for decades and are able to assist customers in unravelling the complex flange specifications ensuring you get the right advice every time. To enable real time information all sales staff use a comprehensive, fully integrated computer based Enterprise Resource Planning solution covering quotations, stock holdings orders, manufacturing, and shipping. This system enable sales staff to immediately answer your stock availablitiy and exstock pricing queries and send you a formal quote. Additionally we can track the progress of your order and advise if the goods are complete, packed, and ready for shipment. So if its a Ansi flange, Din flange, AS2129 flange, As4087 flange, pipeline flange, spectacle blind or tubeplate you will get a rapid, accurate, answer.

Comprehensive Range

Australia uses a variety of flange standards including ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers B16.5, B16.47) for oil and gas, Australian standards for general industry (AS2129 ) and water (AS4087) and British and European standards (BS4504 and EN1092) for imported pumps. To cater for these applications requires we keep a comprehensive range of all these standards of flanges and valves. Typically we stock items to AS2129, AS4087, EN1092,ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47 flanges in size up to 1200 mm ID. Valves are stocked with AS2129 and ASME B16.5 flanges. Applications vary widely and require flanges of different materials ranging from stocked materials such as standard carbon steels like GR250 and A105, low temperature carbon steel LF2 ,stainless steel 304, 316, 2205(SAF) to special order Crome Molleys and Exotic alloys like Hastelloy and Incoloy.

Custom Fabrication

Stocked flanges and valves are only part of the business with a large manufacturing component providing items to customers specific drawings and specifications. The modern CNC manufacturing area serviced by a 10 ton gantry crane is able to produce custom flanges to 2 meters diameter, specialist spectacle blinds, paddles, spacers and bleed rings as well as boiler components such as tubeplates to 2 m diamenter and self reinforced long weldnecks.

Quality Assured

Balcombe Engineering have a long history of supplying an extensive range of Flanges and Valves to specification and on time. To this end maintain an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system audited by Lloyds and active throughout the entire business from quoting right through to packing and despatch. Our history is extensive with the company participating in projects like Goro Nickel, Woodside LNG train 5,Woodside LNG Pluto, Wheatstone Truenergy and the Sugarloaf pipeline.

Our huge range, extensive experience and ability to custom manufacture quickly to client requirements make Balcombe Engineering your first choice for flange and valve requirements.

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