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Flanges is a generic description used to describe a device that terminates a pipe or device and provides a boltable joint. The concept is generic but the application is specific. Flanges are predesigned to meet process conditions. Standards exist that provide standardised dimensions and material types. more

Spectacle Blinds, Fig 8 Blinds

A Spectacle Blind is essentially a simplistic valve. It fits in the line between two flanges and is bolted in place. One end of the spectacle blind is open (spacer) and the other end of the spectacle blind is blanked (blind or spade). more

Spades and Spacers

Spades and Spacers are part of a family referred to as Line Blinds. Jointly they perform the same function as a Spectacle Blind as essentially a simplistic valve. The Spade or Spacer is fitted in the line between two flanges and is bolted in place. more

Bleed Rings

Bleed Rings are simply a spacer that allows access to the fluid flow. They may have bolt holes or be a wafer style that is clamped between the flanges. more

Orifice flanges and Orifice Plates

An Orifice flange is designed to measure flow. They sit either side of an orifice plate which is a controlled restriction. The Orifice plate fits in the line between two flanges and is bolted in place. Fluid dynamics then enables the designer to monitor the flow by monitoring the pressure before and after the orifice. more

Tube Plates and Boiler Components

A tubeplate is a component of a heat exchange. Typically there is two tubeplates connected by tubes and fitted in a sealed vessel. Fluid in the vessel passes energy to the fluid in the tubes without any contact between the two fluids. more

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