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  Flange Standards  
  Australian Standard  
AS2129-2000 - Flanges for piping valves & fittings
  A popular flange sold mostly with a spiral finish on a flat face. Used for water movement and general industrial fluids, including in the food industry.  more
AS4087-2004 - Metallic flanges for waterworks purposes
  Used generally for water supply projects for government sponsored projects. Similar hole spacings to AS2129 flanges.  more
  American Standard  
ASME B16.5-2003 - Pipe flanges & flanged fittings
  Mostly heavy industrial and petrochemical. Covers flanges up to 600mm typically supplied with a raised face and spiral finish.  more
ASME B16.47-2006 - Large diameter steel flanges
  Found mostly in heavy industrial and petrochemical applications. Covers flanges above 600mm typically supplied with a raised face and spiral finish. Available in A and B type.  more
ASME B16.48-2008 - Line Blanks
  Spectacle Blinds,Spades,Spacers.  more
ASME B16.36-2009 - Orifice Flanges
  These flanges are designed to sit either side of orifice plates for measuring flow. They will typically be supplied with a side port and jacking bolts.  more
  British Standard  
BSEN 1092-1:2007 - Flanges & their joints
  Found on DIN pumps and other equipment from Europe and the UK. NB similar BS4504.  more
  Japanese Standard  
JIS B2220:2004 - Steel pipe flanges
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